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The ESTS 2017 will focus on emerging electric ship technologies in the following major technical areas:

  • Integrated Electric Power System Architectures, including Breakerless and Superconducting DC Systems
  • Electric Ship Design Tools, Methods, and Guidelines (Analysis, Synthesis, Modeling & Simulation)
  • Electric Propulsion and Generation (Machines, Variable Speed Drives, Propulsors)
  • Electrical Power Conversion for DC Distribution, including active current limitation
  • Energy Storage and Pulsating Loads: Integration, Control, and Impact on System Performance
  • Power Distribution, Cabling, and Grounding
  • Protection, Reconfiguration, and Survivability
  • Power System Control Methods and Architectures

The ESTS 2017 invites commercial and military ship end-users, shipbuilders, port operators, classification societies, machinery and equipment manufacturers, research institutes, universities and others organizations around the world to present their views, opinions, experiences and their studies, research, designs and future advances on these subjects. Panel sessions and poster presentations will be held for these topics.


Submission portal at epapers will be opening soon. Check this site regularly for updates.

Those wishing to present contributions are invited to submit digests to the ESTS 2017 Technical Committee via [link not yet available]. Your digest (up to 1000 words plus one or two key figures) should include:

  • Paper title, name(s) of principal author(s) and organization(s)
  • Whether you propose to submit a complete paper or only a PowerPoint presentation
  • Primary point of contact, address, telephone and facsimile numbers, and email address
  • Text providing sufficient detail for the Technical Committee to perform a review
  • The text should include a problem statement or introduction, an outline of the key points to be made in the paper, and conclusions or recommendations.
  • All final papers and presentations published through this conference must be approved for public release by the final paper submission deadline.

Digests should be written in Word or PDF format and submitted to the ESTS 2017 Technical Committee [link not yet available] by the digest submission deadline. However, if your digest has not yet been cleared for public release, you can submit it for acceptance review by contacting the Technical Chair directly: Mischa Steurer,, 850-644-1629


The Technical Committee will accept contributions on the basis of the digests submitted. The authors of accepted papers will be requested to submit the final manuscripts of their papers for inclusion in the Proceedings by the deadline below. Accepted papers must be presented at the conference in order be included in IEEE Xplore.


February 5, 2017 Receipt of digest
April 3, 2017 Notification of acceptance
June 5, 2017 Receipt of final manuscript